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Issue 48 - 01 | People Don’t Hate Change, They Hate How You’re Trying to Change Them

By Michael T. Kanazawa
Published July 9, 2008 10:39 p.m.
According to a summary of over 40 research studies on change, the success rate of strategy execution and corporate change programs is 33%. At the same time, a Conference Board survey of over 600 global CEOs revealed that the top two challenges they see are: 1) generating consistent revenue growth and 2) strategy execution. This translates to weak performance on the top executive priority, a situation that needs to change.


Because so many of these programs fail, some executives and managers start to believe the old saying that “people hate change” must be true. That is not true. In fact, employment surveys reveal that the top reason good employees leave companies is over a lack of new opportunities and boredom with stagnant, never-changing, dead-end jobs.

People don’t hate change; they hate corporate change programs. How can we fix that?

About Michael T. Kanazawa | Michael Kanazawa is a customer experience strategy and transformation expert and Managing Director of Bedrock Consultants. His work has focused on strategic transformations and includes numerous successes in working with the executive teams of Fortune 500 and multi-national companies to accelerate the achievement of their transformation goals. In 2008, Michael co-authored the award winning Big Ideas to Big Results, which details the integrated process and tips for successful customer-driven strategy and corporate transformation developed through a fifteen year collaboration with Dr. Robert Miles, who originated the field of macro organizational development at the Harvard Business School.

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