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Issue 44 - 02 | The Megacommunity Manifesto

By Mark Gerencser, Reginald Van Lee, Fernando Napolitano, and C
Published March 7, 2008 11:35 p.m.
“Public, private, and civil leaders should confront together the problems that none can solve. Leaders everywhere no longer express as much confidence about the future as they once did. When they speak candidly, it often sounds as if they feel trapped in quicksand, unable to move forward easily. The methods and tools that helped them succeed in the past no longer work. The challenges they face—such as global competitiveness, health and environmental risks, or inadequate infrastructure—can no longer be solved by their organizations alone. And when they try to reach beyond the boundaries of their own corporation, government agency, or nongovernmental organization, there often is no clear pathway to success.”

About Mark Gerencser, Reginald Van Lee, Fernando Napolitano, and C | Mark Gerencser is the managing director of Booz Allen Hamilton’s Global Government Business; he lives in Northern Virginia. Reginald Van Lee is a senior vice president in the New York office of Booz Allen Hamilton. Fernando Napolitano is the managing partner of Booz Allen Hamilton in Italy. Christopher Kelly is a vice president with Booz Allen and the leader of the Global Security practice; he lives in Washington, DC.

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