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Issue 43 - 03 | Questionating

By Corinne Miller
Published Feb. 7, 2008 1:02 a.m.
“What’s your favorite question? Over the years we’ve found that the most popular answers to this question are 'why,' 'how,' and 'why not' in that order. A trend we’ve also observed is that those who ask 'why' are typically more holistic or whole-brained thinkers, those who ask 'how' are typically more box thinkers, and those who ask 'why not' are typically the challenging thinkers. All types, of course, are equally valuable and equally required for innovation!”

About Corinne Miller | Corinne Miller is Founder & Principal Consultant of InnovatingResults!, where she consults on innovation, product development, and learning & development. Corinne is also Chief Questionator at SolutionPeople. She has 30 years of extensive experience and results across large-scale, cross-functional, global, complex environments spanning engineering, new product development, program management, business operations, quality, innovation, and learning & development. Corinne has held leadership positions at Rockwell International, Northrop Defense Systems, TRW and Motorola.

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