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Issue 42 - 05 | Ideaicide: How To Avoid It And Get What You Want

By Alan Parr & Karen Ansbaugh
Published Jan. 16, 2008 4:54 p.m.
“Ideaicide is deadly. People come up with lots of new ideas everyday, but nothing happens….The problem is not usually the ideas themselves….Corporate forces act to eliminate risk and make an idea conform to the company's existing business model, not to the needs of the marketplace. The edginess of the idea is gone, replaced by cold, calculated efficiency and predictability. We will show you how to bring your ideas to life.”

About Alan Parr & Karen Ansbaugh | Alan Parr and Karen Ansbaugh are cofounders of the OpenSky Consortium. They approach management consulting with creativity, elegant execution and wicked senses of humor. Each having gone through several career iterations finds a “management-design-development-consultancy group” a perfect match for their respective skills and so do their clients. You can view their blog at opensky.typepad.com or email them at opensky@q.com.


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