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Issue 39 - 05 | Friends, Lies and Network Marketing

By Kim Klaver
Published Oct. 3, 2007 10:54 p.m.
An expert in Multi-Level Marketing, Kim Klaver delivers a manifesto defying the bad advice most of these companies offer to their sales force. This rote advice, Klaver warns, results in alienated friends, limited potential, and insures failure even for experienced salespeople. Here are 12 tips to avoid losing friends (and your personal savings) by searching out referrals, not sales, and learning to tell your story.

About Kim Klaver | Kim Klaver, 17 years in the network marketing business, built 5 national organizations, consulting with reps from 100+ companies last 10 years. Harvard and Stanford educated. Author of 5 books, 5 CD programs (about 15 CDs) and blog kimklaverblogs.com and podcast yourgreatthing.com.

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