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Issue 38 - 03 | The Creation of Conscious Culture through Educational Innovation

By Michael Strong
Published Sept. 5, 2007 10:33 p.m.
Michael Strong has a vision of schools which will promote authentic learning for our youth. He has a vision of creating institutions that model positive behavior. He believes that our society doesn’t provide this guidance early enough to help form the futures of children who are starved for meaning and inspiration. In this expansive manifesto, he calls for a diverse educational market in terms that any business person will appreciate.

About Michael Strong | Michael Strong is the co-creator of several new schools, including The Atheneum School of Anchorage, Montessori Middle School programs for The Early Learning Institute of Palo Alto, and Moreno Valley High School, Angel Fire, New Mexico. He is the author of "The Habit of Thought" and is CEO of FLOW.


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