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Issue 33 - 01 | What Must Starbucks Do?

By John Moore
Published April 5, 2007 7:29 p.m.
In response to Howard Schulz’s memo citing his concern over the direction Starbucks is headed, John Moore, a former long-time marketer at Starbucks, enlists the ‘Starbucks Board of Customers’ (i.e. readers of Moore’s blog and Starbucks customers) to propose which changes the company must make to maintain (reclaim?) its integrity.

About John Moore | For the past decade, John Moore has made his mark in the marketing world by creating, championing, and implementing marketing ideas and branding ideals for Whole Foods Market and Starbucks Coffee. As the Director of National Marketing for Whole Foods Market, John focused his team on engaging in activities which were less about using traditional advertising and more about using the influential power of customers as the advertising vehicle. At Starbucks, John led countless highly successful in-store and out-of-store marketing promotions as a Retail Marketing Manager. Today, through speaking engagements and through his Brand Autopsy Marketing Practice, John shares business and marketing advice with companies aspiring to become the next Whole Foods or Starbucks. He has been recognized by Fast Company magazine as a “leading practitioner of the arts of customer service and marketing” and serves as a Standards Council Advisory Board Member with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. John is also the author of the Brand Autopsy blog and the author of Tribal Knowledge, a business management book from Kaplan Publishing (fall 2006).


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