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Issue 31 - 06 | Purposive Drift: Making It Up As We Go Along

By Richard Oliver
Published Feb. 6, 2007 10:42 p.m.
It is a common theory that successful people live their lives like a project plan, so we struggle to shape our lives along a pre-determined path. Instead, Oliver asserts that that the majority of people, many of them very successful, make it up as they go along. This smart manifesto offers a convincing and well-researched argument encouraging us to do a little drifting.

About Richard Oliver | Richard Oliver is probably best known for the three books he co-wrote with Bob Cotton, "Understanding Hypermedia", "The Cyberspace Lexicon" and "Understanding Hypermedia 2.000". Richard makes his living writing, facilitating, consulting, teaching and anything else that comes up.

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