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Issue 3 | LESS

By Bruce Kasanoff
Published Sept. 7, 2004 6:00 p.m.
Your customers don't want more, they want LESS! Kasanoff uses examples to point out the mind-twistingly frustrating customer experiences that have become commonplace in today's corporations. Improve your customers' lives: Clone your best people! Anticipate your customers' needs! Make a don't-do list! (Item #1, don't ask for your customers' account number three times in one call!) Be flexible! Fix your customers' problems before your customers even know they have them! And above all, simplify, simplify, simplify!

About Bruce Kasanoff | Bruce Kasanoff is an entrepreneurial marketing expert who has helped companies of all sizes position their services, strengthen their brand, and communicate their value. Kasanoff is the co-author of the forthcoming book, Business Evolves—Leadership Endures. He is author of the book, Making It Personal, which Publishers Weekly wrote offers “cutting-edge advice.” The world's largest marketing professionals organization, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, recently recognized Kasanoff as one of the “50 leading marketing thinkers alive today.” Kasanoff teaches entrepreneurial management in the MBA program at Babson College, the leading MBA program for entrepreneurship in the United States. Visit his website, Now Possible, at http://nowpossible.com

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