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Issue 3 | Guru Red Manifesto

By Mike Smock
Published Sept. 7, 2004 6:00 p.m.
Mike's rules may just spark a business revolution. Keep secrets! Don't tout your achievements! Stay under the radar. Don't take money from strangers. Be ruthless! MIKE SMOCK offers his collection of practical truths on honest American entrepreneurship. Build meaningful, profitable organizations that strive to attract customers, not investors, and build loyalty, not headcount.

About Mike Smock | Mike Smock is Managing Director of vSente, the San Francisco-based marketing consultancy. He has executed hundreds of campaigns, engagements, financings and transactions in 38 industries over a 25-year career. In his early career, Smock held senior sales and marketing positions with AFG Industries which was later sold to Asahi Glass and Allied Tube and Conduit which is now part of Tyco. He was the co-founder of Dynaquest Corporation, an artificial intelligence pioneer, and led the successful leveraged buyout of Associated Piping and Engineering from Johnson Controls. The Guru Red Manifesto is an expression of his experience on the front lines of entrepreneurship. Several rules were contributed by Curt Sahakian, a Chicago-based attorney and founder of the Corporate Partnering Institute. He has served as General Counsel of RIMS, as a member of the MIT Enterprise Forum's Entrepreneurial Services Committee, and as General Manager of Winthrop Financial Group.

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