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Issue 25 - 03 | Beyond Sustainability: Why an All-Consuming Campaign to Reduce Unsustainability Fails

By John Ehrenfeld
Published Aug. 4, 2006 4:00 a.m.
John Ehrenfeld proposes a radically different conversation about sustainability, one that moves away from mere problem solving, demands a new definition and envisions infinite possibilities.

About John Ehrenfeld | In 2000, John R. Ehrenfeld “retired” from teaching and researching at MIT. Having become an academic only after 30 years of working in the real world, he imported a healthy skepticism. It was there that his career, which had been devoted to environmental research and management, took a turn towards sustainability as a different sort of beast. Building on systems dynamics and humanistic philosophy, his work in the ensuing years has brought a new way of speaking and thinking about what he believes to be the greatest challenge to human beings today. He has recently completed a book on sustainability and looks forward to see it in print next year. His son, Tom, has worked on this piece with him.

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