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Issue 24 | Strategy and the Fat Smoker

By David Maister
Published July 4, 2006 2:11 a.m.
David Maister offers advice on how to fight strategic flab and make change happen by encouraging a diet of good habits and short-term goals.

About David Maister | David Maister is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on the management of professional service firms. For two decades he has acted as a consultant to prominent professional firms around the world, on a wide variety of strategic and managerial issues. In 2002, he was named as one of the top 40 business thinkers in the world (Business Minds, by Tom Brown, PrenticeHall/Financial Times.) He is the author of the bestselling books Managing the Professional Service Firm (1993), True Professionalism (1997), The Trusted Advisor (2000), Practice What You Preach (2001) and First Among Equals (2002.) These books have been translated into 14 languages. For seven years, he served as a professor on the faculty of the Harvard Business School (1979-85), prior to launching his consulting practice. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.


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