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Issue 20 - 01 | Going Home

By Robert Paterson
Published Dec. 14, 2005 11:42 p.m.
"We, in the West, have been asleep for a long time." We've become accustomed to living in a Matrix. What we once aspired to achieve and earn, is now taken for granted. A new culture is starting to challenge this Matrix. A culture that will revive our sense of community and lead us home.

About Robert Paterson |

Rob Paterson is the Principal of Renewal Consulting Group. He lives on Prince Edward Island on the fringes of the old economy and at the edge of the new. In addition to his work as a consultant, he teaches 5 Web-Based courses on the New Economy and how it affects the Environment at the School of Business Administration at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Rob is an active Social Entrepreneur and has learned how to create influential organizations that work on important issues such as the environment and childhood. As an Overseer of the Marion Foundation, he was instrumental in bringing the Natural Step to the US and subsequently to Canada and is a founding member of the PEI Chapter. As a founder of the Child Alliance, he has raised over $5.0 million in the last 3 years to fund programs to support Early Childhood for PEI.

A graduate of Harrow School and Christ Church, Oxford, Rob is a student of history and the workings of the natural world. He is married with two adult children. His manifesto is also featured in the book More Space.

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