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Issue 19 | The Bioteaming Manifesto

By Ken Thompson and Robin Good
Published Nov. 9, 2005 10:47 p.m.
Today's virtual teams have yet to realize their full potential. They could learn a lot from Mother Nature's teams. Ken Thompson and Robin Good explain what teams can gain from Mother Nature's tips.

About Ken Thompson and Robin Good |

Ken Thompson is an emergent leading expert in the area of virtual enterprise networks, virtual professional communities and virtual teams. His strategy includes the use of a unique set of team workshops, multiple coaching interventions and the effective integration of a small toolkit of virtual collaboration technologies. He is now developing software, templates and task-specific tools to support the development of high-performance teams. Ken is founder of the www.bioteams.com blog which is a unique online web site dedicated to the explanation of bioteaming concepts and to the reporting on new research becoming available in this new study area.

Robin Good (www.kolabora.com) is an online publisher (www.masternewmedia.org), researcher, and writer on the smart and intelligent use of new media technologies for effective communication. Robin, an expert in interface, information and identity design, is also recognized on the Internet as a reputable independent analyst, trendspotter, and opinion-maker in many different fields including new media, online collaboration, independent publishing (www.theweblogproject.com), communication skills (www.masterviews.com) and social change (www.communicationagents.com).

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