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Issue 18 | Marketing to Women for the Common Man

By Andrea Learned
Published Oct. 12, 2005 8:48 p.m.
"The non-planetary, bookshelf versions of 'Venus' and 'Mars' have conspired to make even the prospect of marketing to women a scary thing for a lot of men in business." For all common men out there: don't be afraid! Let Andrea teach you how to tweak your marketing messages to appeal to women.

About Andrea Learned | Andrea Learned, the co-author of Don’t Think Pink, is a leading women’s market and consumer gender insights expert, speaker and writer.

Andrea’s current mission is to make the whole idea of “marketing to women” obsolete - NOT to work herself out of a career, but to point out that serving the right brain-guided consumer, rather than serving solely women, should be any twenty-first century brand’s goal. In her view, human beings as consumers are not simply either “men” or “women,” but are instead much more complex individuals with varying interests, passions and values. While women may have driven many of the current trends in consumer behavior (such as the increased level of environmental expectations), men have taken their cues and are now becoming similarly tough customers.

Andrea shares her insights and analysis through her blog, Learned On Women, and in regular contributions to Marketingprofs.com “Daily Fix” and Women-omics.com. Andrea’s no-nonsense Vermont lifestyle (which she highly recommends) forms the foundation for her untraditional, sometimes counter-intuitive, marketing perspective.


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