Issue 178 - 06 | Mastering the Basics

By Dean Karrel
Published July 17, 2019 9:00 a.m.
“Years ago, I started using the phrase 'mastering the basics' with those who reported to me. I was watching staffers feel the pressure to learn the latest new strategy, or feel intimidated by colleagues with fancy titles or advanced degrees. So, my guidance for people was to instruct them to focus on their own skills, do the best they can to enhance their abilities, and that would enable them to be successful. It was a strategy that had worked for me through the years and I was now using it as a training tool for those who worked in my departments.”

About Dean Karrel | Dean Karrel is an Executive and Professional Career Coach. He is the instructor of over ten courses available on LinkedIn Learning and has also been in senior leadership positions for more than three decades with global publishing companies.

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