Issue 177 - 03 | Become the Leader You Would Follow

By Scott Jeffrey Miller
Published June 12, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Leadership isn’t always rewarding. It can feel like a bottomless pit of problem solving and adult-sitting. Leadership is exhausting, repetitive, and requires a constant stretch of your emotional and intellectual skills. It demands an 'always on' mentality, as you’re expected to have all the right answers and make all the right decisions, often on the fly. But it doesn’t mean leadership isn’t important; on the contrary, often the things we struggle with yield the biggest return. It’s okay if you admit that leadership can be hard and unenjoyable, because the benefits of being successful at it can be life-changing.”

About Scott Jeffrey Miller | Having been with FranklinCovey for 23 years, Scott Jeffrey Miller serves as the Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership. He is the host of On Leadership with Scott Miller, a weekly leadership webcast, podcast and newsletter featuring interviews with renowned business titans, authors and thought leaders. His radio show and podcast—Great Life, Great Career with Scott Miller on iHeart Media’s KNRS 105.7—provides insight and strategies to assist listeners in becoming more effective as business leaders and to improve their personal performance. Miller has worked with thousands of clients and client facilitators in numerous markets in over 30 countries. He has presented to hundreds of audiences across every industry and loves to share his own, unique leadership journey in today’s culture and world, which greatly value unfiltered leadership. Miller and his wife live in Salt Lake City, Utah with their three sons.

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