Issue 177 - 02 | Want to Be a Great Leader? Hit the Pause Button

By Sara Canaday
Published June 12, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Today’s leaders are being asked to both do more AND think more. Is that even possible? I’m a fan of multi-tasking but this seems unreasonable. Expecting leaders to succeed in the context of a constant act-more, think-more, produce-more world is self-defeating, at best. At worst, it could be disastrous for our projects, for our teams, and for our health.

So, how do we keep pace and, at the same time, get better as leaders. We do so by questioning—even defying—conventional wisdom.”

About Sara Canaday | Sara Canaday is a leadership expert, keynote speaker, and author. She works with leaders and high-potential professionals from organizations around the world to expand their capacity to innovate, influence, engage, and perform.

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