Issue 176 - 04 | How to Turn Complexity Into Advantage

By David Komlos & David Benjamin
Published May 15, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“With all the fuss about unprecedented and accelerating complexity, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that today’s standout leaders are solving their organization’s defining challenges—including the seemingly intractable ones—and achieving their biggest goals at least ten-times faster and with a fraction of the effort than their peers. They have upended conventional wisdom and replaced it with a new underlying logic, from which when understood, there’s no turning back. They view challenges through a different lens and tackle them with a different approach. In so doing, they differentiate themselves, free up organizational capacity, and tend to fulfill their hard-earned mandates.

By contrast, others are playing defense—in most cases, unnecessarily.”

About David Komlos & David Benjamin | David Komlos, CEO of Syntegrity, is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and speaker who has helped change the way many global leaders approach their top challenges. From Fortune 100 transformation to international aid, content creation in sports and entertainment to improving access to life-saving products, David advises top leaders and enterprises on how to dramatically accelerate solutions and execution on their defining challenges. He frequently speaks on topics related to complexity, fast problem-solving and mobilization, and scaling talent.

David Benjamin is the co-founder of Syntegrity and the chief architect behind its implementation of the Complexity Formula. David regularly guides leaders and their teams through their application of the formula, helping them get to decisions and action in days, no matter the industry, type of challenge, or nature of the organization.

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