Issue 174 - 04 | Discovering the Power of Positive Transformation

By Lucia Giovannini
Published March 22, 2019 10:00 a.m.
“As human beings, we’re all capable of embracing change. Whether the body and mind crave a change of circumstances or whether we find ourselves forced to consider implementing changes into our lives, a significant number of us will resist the process and indeed the prospect of change and consequently work to fight it off.

Change can be problematic by nature for many people who are worried about the journey it takes us on as well as the unknown when we reach our final destination. In fact, it’s in our natural makeup as individuals to question and fight to survive. Yet, by resisting some areas of change and failing to welcome it into our lives for the better, we close both our hearts and our minds to the idea of powerful transformation. Inevitably, we risk forsaking our dreams and goals; both those that we’ve desired for some time now, alongside those we never even knew we had.

Opening up to any kind of change takes work and time, but by developing the right tools and skills to cope with it, over time, we can train ourselves to open our arms to welcome almost any change we encounter, whether it be chosen or forced upon us.”

About Lucia Giovannini | Lucia Giovannini holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, and is an international affiliate of the American Psychological Association. She is also a Master Fire-walking Trainer, an NLP and Neuro-Semantics Trainer, a certified Coach, a Breathwork Trainer and the Western Europe Veriditas Labyrinth facilitator’s coordinator. Lucia is the certified Heal Your Life® trainer for Italy and has been defined as “The Italian Louise Hay” by the media. She is the founder at Bless You International, and co-director at LUCE (Free University of Evolutionary Growth) and of the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantics. She has been teaching courses and at conferences for about twenty-five years now to individuals and companies all over Europe and Asia. Her work crafts a synergy between traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices, and ancient rituals that turns her seminars into something truly unique.

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