Issue 173 - 04 | Why CEOs and Boards Need to Be Fearless

By Jean Case
Published Feb. 20, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Over the years, I’ve had the great privilege of serving on a wide range of boards—from early stage startup companies to large, established entities—and have observed firsthand the variety of hats board members can wear. The role of board member compels one to be diligent as a fiduciary. What is often not well understood is that while the role of fiduciary is necessary, it is not entirely sufficient. Board members also need to be champions of, and networkers for, the organizations they serve. And, particularly in a world where change is accelerating and disruption is becoming the norm, board members also need to step up and challenge the organizations they care so much about—and the same goes for CEOs.”

About Jean Case | Jean Case, the first female Chairman of the National Geographic Society in its 130-year history and CEO of the Case Foundation, is a philanthropist, investor, and internet and impact investing pioneer who advocates for the importance of embracing a more fearless approach to innovate and bring about transformational breakthroughs. Her career in the private sector spanned nearly two decades before co-founding the Case Foundation in 1997. Before the Case Foundation, she was a senior executive at America Online, Inc. where she directed the marketing and branding that helped bring AOL to the masses. In addition, Jean currently serves on the boards of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), the White House Historical Association, and BrainScope Company, Inc., as well as on the advisory boards of the Brain Trust Accelerator Fund, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation.

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