Issue 173 - 03 | Scaling Leadership: A Manifesto

By Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams
Published Feb. 20, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Ineffective leadership caps the ability of an organization to grow. Leadership that works at one level of scale is likely to run into serious limitations at the next level. The men and women who may be well-suited to lead a 100-person business unit with $30 million in annual revenues may be unable to lead a 250-person business unit with $100 million in annual revenues.

To scale the organization, you must scale ever more effective leadership. As an organization becomes larger and more complex, the number of people being led is larger, and the issues and opportunities requiring a leader’s attention are more numerous, more frequent, and more consequential than ever. On top of all this, leaders are challenged to grow their organizations in a world of business that is faster, more complex, more disruptive, and more uncertain. In order for your leadership to scale into all this, the effectiveness of leadership—both individual and collective—must, at a minimum, develop at the pace of change, growth, and escalating complexity.”

About Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams | Robert J. Anderson is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Creative Officer of The Leadership Circle, and co-founder of the Full Circle Group. Anderson created The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) (the first of its kind) a 360-degree feedback tool integrating behavioral competencies with underlying motivational systems.

William A. Adams is the CEO of the Leadership Circle, and Cofounder and CEO of the Full Circle Group. He has worked with CEOs, senior leaders, and boards of directors as a leadership consultant and trusted advisor for over 30 years. Clients include the CEOs and teams of major Fortune 500 corporations (public and private), non-profits and private equity start-up businesses. He works with executives in the areas of business transformation, leadership effectiveness, performance improvement, strategy alignment and execution.

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