Issue 172 - 05 | My Metacognitive Journey: The Power of Understanding Yourself

By Dave Mitchell
Published Jan. 23, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Perhaps the most satisfying development associated with writing a book is when you as the author stumble upon a revelation in the middle of the process. For this book, I came to understand the answer to a question that I am often asked and have struggled to answer for many years. So many times, I am approached by an attendee and asked, ‘Can people change?’ […]

The fact is, we ARE changing, even if we don’t recognize it. Most of this change is so gradual it is like tracking the progress of a glacier. This form of personal change may be hard to detect without utilizing some formal metacognitive exercises over the span of your life. Still, I think most of us would agree that who we are, what we are most proud of relative to ourselves, what we are working to improve, what we value and what we aspire to be have changed significantly over time. The way I would have defined myself today, in my fifties, would have been nearly inconceivable to the twenty-four year old version of me. The realization of this type of change wasn’t the new insight that I experienced in writing the book, and it probably isn’t the type of change that most people are referencing when they ask me those questions after an event. My sense is that they meant, “Can people change quickly?” I have now radically amended my waffled response to a resounding, “YES!” But there are still conditions.”

About Dave Mitchell | Dave Mitchell is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, writer, sommelier and entrepreneur who has been delighting audiences all over the world with his entertaining style, powerful stories and “laugh and learn” philosophy. Since founding the Leadership Difference, Inc. in 1995, over 350,000 people have attended Dave’s “enter-TRAIN-ment” seminars on topics that include leadership, customer service, selling skills, wine education and personal performance enhancement. He has been named Best Speaker of the Year from several organizations and Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau named Dave one of the top 10 best business speakers.

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