Issue 172 - 01 | Stop Undermining Democracy and Your Business

By Carol Sanford
Published Jan. 23, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“Almost everyone has far more potential than they achieve in their lives. This is partly because we do not know how to properly support human growth and development. In fact, we do not know the foundational capacities that, if fully developed, would give people the extraordinary ability to grow themselves and contribute to the growth of everyone around them. Developing these capacities would also engender more courage and vision. But, for the most part, we work on the wrong things.

As a result, we create a plethora of practices to pursue misdirected improvements in human performance and behavior, thereby undermining human potential, business results, and societal functioning. I spoke to 30 of these toxic practices in The Regenerative Business. My new book, No More Feedback: Cultivating Consciousness at Work, deepens the exploration on one of those toxins—feedback—in all its forms, and how it harms people, business, and democracy.

This manifesto is about how we come to adopt such toxic practices.”

About Carol Sanford | Carol Sanford’s work is deeply rooted in the belief that people can grow and develop beyond what their leaders or anyone sees possible: to be increasingly entrepreneurial, innovative, and responsible in their business and personal actions. She approaches her work as an ecosystem with stakeholders to the business in order to create the organizational conditions and human capability for people to innovate and contribute. Through a Socratic and contrarian approach, backed by research and stories, Carol challenges leaders to rethink everything they currently know about leadership, management, and work design. In the end, she guides people to find their individual and collective “promise beyond able-ness,” embedding enormous possibilities into an organization. Her latest book is No More Feedback: Cultivate Consciousness at Work. Sanford is also the author of three previous books: The Responsible Business, The Responsible Entrepreneur, and The Regenerative Business.

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