Issue 170 - 05 | Why We Must Evolve, or Die

By Tom Triumph
Published Nov. 14, 2018 12:00 p.m.
“Change means doing things that are new, and forgoing things that are familiar. It means discomfort and uncertainty, and the real likelihood of being wrong. All in all, it’s scary. It really comes down to a decision. You either ride things out, fight for the status quo and hope the changes you’re sensing are going to slow (they won’t), or you think about where the world is headed and change to get yourself there.

The journey is difficult, but the direction is clear. Evolve or die.”

About Tom Triumph | Tom Triumph helps companies grow by collaboratively helping them reinvent their business, product development, and marketing. Along the way he’s helped large organizations act nimbly and small companies scale. He’s been a participant in two global technology revolutions—and has been part of some remarkable success stories (and some misfires), and he’s the author of the book Evolve or Die: Lessons for World-Class Innovation & Creativity.

He fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard an ocean research ship and tending to the mini-sub (Cousteau was on the Board), wrestled in the Olympic trials, and helped oversee the design and fabrication of the largest composite hovercraft ever built in the US. He resides in North Carolina and is an ultrarunner who envies Tom Hanks’ long run as Forrest Gump.
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