Issue 169 - 03 | The Forgotten Diversity Group: Ambitious Women Who Want to Lean “In-Between”

By Kathryn Sollmann
Published Oct. 10, 2018 2:00 p.m.
“Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic on corporate agendas these days, but despite the best efforts of employers, a large group of women are feeling left out. When it comes to leadership training, employers are still pressuring women to conform to one profile of an ambitious and successful woman.

In the last decade, I’ve coached thousands of women who feel like they’re letting down the power sisterhood if they don’t do their part to break the glass ceiling. These women in the everyday sisterhood are smart, capable and ambitious—but they want alternate routes to ‘grow in place’ while family pressures are high. When I speak to women’s groups, my message is that ‘Up is Not the Only Way Forward.’ To prevent women from taking costly caregiving breaks, and to retain great talent, employers need to make room for many brands of ambition and success.”

About Kathryn Sollmann | Kathryn Sollmann is a recognized leader in helping women navigate the many stages of work and life. Through her blog and coaching firm, 9 Lives for Women, she is one of few voices strongly encouraging women to always work—at every age and life stage—to achieve long-term financial security. Her emphasis on women’s financial independence has generated event-sponsorship funding from corporate wealth-management giants including AXA Advisors, Fidelity, Raymond James, Cigna and Wells Fargo. With good humor, no-nonsense delivery and the ability to educate and motivate, Kathryn is a frequent speaker, and an inspirational voice for women in college to retirement years. A frequent media resource, her expertise has been called upon by The Today Show, NPR, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Money magazine, CNBC & more.

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