Issue 169 - 02 | Don’t Stress: When Doing and Spending Less Can Help Your Business Get Ahead

By Stephen Wunker & Jennifer Luo Law
Published Oct. 10, 2018 2:00 p.m.
“As a result of our fascination with the latest and the greatest, the word 'innovation' is often used as a synonym for technological advancement, bringing with it imagination-capturing glory—as well as its less savory reputation for being expensive and fickle. But that’s just one dimension of innovation. In our combined decades of experience working in this field, we’ve seen that there are many ways to innovate that don’t take as much time, or require as much money and investment, as a moonshot initiative. And they’re less overwhelming to get started with, to boot.

Innovation doesn’t always have to be more—more flavors, more horsepower, more memory space, more bells and whistles. In some cases, customers don’t want more. They just want us to do the job they’ve hired us to do, and for us to do it very, very well. New solutions can excel in their simplicity, earning customer love and saving money along the way—and, yes, that is just as deserving of being called 'innovative' as a new blockchain game or genetic therapy.”

About Stephen Wunker & Jennifer Luo Law | Steve Wunker led development of one of the world’s first smartphones, has built and sold several successful businesses, and advises companies worldwide on creating and executing bold plans for growth. Steve is also the author Capturing New Markets and Jobs to be Done. He also writes for Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Financial Times, and other major outlets. Steve’s media appearances include Bloomberg and BBC television, and he has been a guest lecturer at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

Jennifer Law is a seasoned researcher of trends, disruptive strategies, and Jobs to be Done thinking. As associate principal at New Markets Advisors, she has led projects across a wide range of industries, particularly those rocked by disruption—such as education, publishing, IT, consumer goods, and financial services.

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