Issue 168 - 04 | The Presentation of Data Graphics In Everyday Life

By Kristen Sosulski
Published Sept. 19, 2018 12:00 p.m.
“Consider how our smartphones, social media platforms, or even search engines alter the pace, pattern, and scale of our daily activities. Think about your own process for selecting restaurants, documenting moments, and sharing your thoughts with others and the role that your media plays in these activities.

Next, consider pictorial representations of data, or data graphics as a medium. How have data graphics proliferated their presence in our everyday life? Navigation systems guide us from one location to another through narrated directions accompanied by digital maps, annotated with points of interests like the nearest coffee shops, shoe stores, or art museums as alternative pathways to peak our interest and reroute us from our original destination. Aside from navigation aids, data graphics accompany news reports, research findings, and advertisements as both supporting evidence and alternative narratives. […]

[…] When used with integrity and purpose, data graphics have the potential to help us, as humans, make sense of this intensely data focused world. Yet, the current state of data graphics is that they are often overused and underwhelming.”

About Kristen Sosulski | As a leading expert on data visualization, Kristen Sosulski regularly consults, delivers seminars, and leads workshops on data visualization techniques and best practices. You can find her speaking on the subject at events like Social Media Week NYC,’s PlotCon conference, and Tableau’s events and to organizations like the National Association of Public Opinion and the National Economic Research Association. Kristen Sosulski is an Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at New York University’s Stern School of Business and the Director for the NYU Stern Learning Science Lab where she leads team to design immersive learning environments for professional business school education. She teaches MBA and executive courses in data visualization, computer programming, and operations management. Sosulski’s research and practice focus is on technological progress in education and visualization. Her specific area of expertise is learning technologies and data visualization.

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