Issue 167 - 03 | Success: What Gets Measured Gets Managed

By Adebola Alabi
Published Aug. 8, 2018 12:00 p.m.
“Don’t we all desire to be winners in our various field of endeavor? Wouldn’t you want to stand tall and get ovation from your friends and loved ones after achieving a feat? Everyone desires to win in life; we all want to be successful in everything we do. It is no secret that everyone, whether young or old wants to be champions and achieve success in whatever they do. People want to excel in sports, academics, business, career, finances, health, relationships, and in spiritual life. Why do some succeed, while others failed, why are some so far behind in the game of life while others are well ahead? Why does it seem like everything goes very well for some while others appear to be struggling in everything they do? What does it take to become a champion? Can anyone win in the game of life and become as successful as they desire?”

About Adebola Alabi | Adebola is an engineer by profession and he is passionate about personal finance, leadership, and change management. A dynamic and highly efficient individual who has been a source of inspiration to many others, he is driven to help people discover their true callings and bring out the best in everyone in his circle of influence. He has started and participated in many successful businesses including some startups in the United States. An avid reader, writer, and a motivational speaker with the mission of creating winners in everyday people. He is a member of Project Management institute and a certified PMP credential holder. Adebola is a fitness enthusiast, and he enjoys playing soccer at any opportunity. He is a member of the book club in his local church and he is a MBA graduate from University of Houston.

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