Issue 164 - 05 | Taming Your Seven Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear & Become True Leader

By Hylke Faber
Published May 16, 2018 2:00 p.m.
“Are you about to take on an inspiring new role and are looking for inspiration? Or maybe you are looking for a change? Maybe you feel overwhelmed by your to-do-list? Or maybe you are looking to inspire your team to its next level of excellence? Whatever your question is, if you were to have lived twenty-five hundred years ago in ancient Greece you may have taken it to the oracle in Delphi. You would have learned there to 'Know thyself.' It was written on the entrance gate to the oracle. I believe getting to know who we truly are is the core of effective leadership and a fulfilling life.”

About Hylke Faber | Hylke Faber’s mission is to realize his essence and help others do the same. He shares Taming Your Crocodiles to help all of us, including himself, take the next step in our endless journey to become more of who we truly are. He served as a Partner at Co-Creation Partners and Strategic Decisions Group and as a consultant at Axialent and Towers Perrin, supporting leaders across multiple industries globally on strategy, organization, and culture development programs. He teaches the “Leader as Coach” courses at Columbia Business School and has contributed to Harvard Business Review, including the article “What FDR Knew about Fear in Times of Change.” He leads two coaching organizations, Constancee and the Growth Leaders Network, sings kirtan (East Indian meditative practice), loves the outdoors, and lives with his partner in Seattle, Washington.

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