Issue 162 - 04 | Willpower Is an Outdated Model of Success: Here’s the Future of Self-improvement

By Benjamin Hardy
Published March 7, 2018 12:00 p.m.
“It’s no wonder willpower has been placed under the media spotlight as essential to success. In a negative environment, willpower’s all we have left. It’s the life-raft, the backup parachute. And we’re depending on it to save our skins. It takes a lot of willpower to remain positive in a negative environment. It’s difficult to constantly say no when those around you are eating junk food. Or even worse, when you’re required to exert willpower in your own home because you bought junk food you knew deep down you didn’t want to eat. This is a huge waste of mental and emotional resources.

Instead of being told to change their environment, the prominent self-help advice continues to charge people to change themselves. I can’t emphasize enough how terrible this advice is. It’s actually impossible to change yourself without also changing your environment. Your environment and you are two indivisible parts of the same whole.”

About Benjamin Hardy | Benjamin Hardy has been the #1 writer on since 2015. His work has been read by over 50 million people and is featured at Forbes, Psychology Today, Fortune, Mashable, and others. He is nearing the completion of his PhD in Organizational Psychology. Ben and his wife, Lauren, have been the foster parents of three kids for the past three years.

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