Issue 162 - 03 | A Better Business through a Great Place to Work for All

By Michael C. Bush, CEO & The Great Place to Work Research Team
Published March 7, 2018 12:00 p.m.
“What it means to be a great workplace has evolved. We have entered a new era, a new frontier in business. Our economy has evolved through agrarian, industrial, and ‘knowledge’ phases to the point where the essential qualities of human beings—things like passion, creativity, and a willingness to work together—are the most critical. In this ‘human economy,’ every employee matters. ”

About Michael C. Bush, CEO & The Great Place to Work Research Team | Michael C. Bush is CEO of Great Place to Work, where he leads the global enterprise of more than 50 offices around the world. Under Michael’s leadership, Great Place to Work has evolved its mission and methodology to recognize companies that build great workplaces for all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do for their company. Michael is a founding board member of the private equity seed-fund, Fund Good Jobs, which educates, accelerates, and invests in small inner-city businesses that lead to equitable communities for all. Michael has taught entrepreneurship courses at Stanford University and Mills College, and served as a member of President Obama’s White House Business Council.

The Great Place to Work Research Team includes: Ed Frauenheim, Director of Research and Content; Jessica Rohman, Director of Content; Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Certification and List Production; Ann Nadeau, Chief People Officer and Chief Marketing Officer; and Marcus Erb, Vice President of Innovation and Development.

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