Issue 159 - 03 | A Values-Based Culture

By Robert Spector & breAnne O. Reeves
Published Dec. 20, 2017 11:00 a.m.
“If ‘vision’ embodies the head of your organization, and ‘mission’ personifies the heart, then ‘values” symbolize the soul. Every organization can cite its vision and mission statements, but few recognize the existential value of values. […] In order to stay competitive, organizations must be guided by philosophies, practices, and strategies that deal with current and future market conditions. In order to ensure longevity and loyalty, organizations must have a foundation built on its non-negotiable values.”

About Robert Spector & breAnne O. Reeves | Robert Spector is co-founder of the RSi consultancy, bestselling author, international speaker, educator and advisor to organizations. He is also the author of Get Big Fast and The Mom & Pop Store.

breAnne O. Reeves is co-founder of the RSi consultancy, and has worked for over a decade in customer experience. She oversees application development and implementation to inspire and support clients as they begin the journey of becoming the Nordstrom of their industry. RSi has worked with, Starwood Hotels, Federal Reserve Bank, Indeed, Kaiser Permanente, and many small-to-mediumsized organizations.

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