Issue 158 - 04 | The Expectant Non-Profit: A Guide for Navigating the Healthy Growth of Organizations

By Maxine Harris, PhD
Published Nov. 21, 2017 11:30 a.m.
“Non-profit organizations can be fragile things. In the beginning, they need a lot of tender loving care. But just because you make it out of that first rough year, don’t expect smooth sailing. Fewer than 50% of all non-profits make it to their 5th birthday! Not exactly a mortality rate to be proud of.

Just like new parents often need a ‘how to’ book, so do new non-profit CEOs. So here it is, a guide for helping your organization flourish and live well into old age … ”

About Maxine Harris, PhD | Maxine Harris, PhD is the co-author of Lessons for Non-Profit and Start-Up Leaders: Tales from a Reluctant CEO, and CEO of Community Connections, a large social service organization in Washington, DC.
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