Issue 157 - 02 | Why We Need a Take Our Daughters to WORTH Day

By Nell Merlino
Published Oct. 18, 2017 11:00 a.m.
“The Take Your Daughter To Work Day movement has succeeded. Girls today can enter any professional they choose. They can start their own businesses, advance their careers, and assume leadership roles in their organizations. We have achieved so much. But our work is not finished. I think we have new work to do. It is not an option to stand by passively as the first generation of digital native girls comes of age and struggles—feeling isolated, unworthy, under pressure, and filled with doubt. That is why I propose we update the Take Our Daughters to Work movement with a Take Our Daughters to WORTH Day.”

About Nell Merlino | Nell Merlino is a leading activists and advocate for women and girls. She has mobilized millions of people through the creation of Take Our Daughters to Work Day and the founding of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and Make Mine a Million $ Business to advance the cause of female equality. Nell served as a Pathways Envoy for the U.S. State Department promoting women’s entrepreneurship across Central America and served on the development committee for the Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment program. Nell provides commentary to major news outlet in the U.S. and most recently the UK and has generated over 2 billion media mentions focused on the progress of women and girls. She is the author of Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want it Their Way in Life, in Love, and at Work.

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