Issue 151 - 04 | How to Play With Fire: Equip Your Next Generation of Leaders to Deal with Anything

By Digby Scott
Published March 22, 2017 12:00 p.m.
“Let’s put it on the table. The vast majority of organizations put too much leadership development emphasis on people who are already in traditional leadership roles. And not enough on the people who are the promise of the future.

Imagine a fire. The hottest part of the flame is at the bottom, not the top. The top gets all the attention, but the bottom is where the real energy is. You want to be able to harness and use the energy of the people nearer the bottom for positive change. Don’t snuff it out before it gets going.”

About Digby Scott | Digby Scott is a leadership development expert who partners with organizations that are committed to developing their next generation of leaders. He is both an edgy catalyst and a wise guide for building organizational resilience in a complex world. Digby is a former Chartered Accountant with a Big Four firm, as well as a former national manager of a global professional services firm and founder of two successful consulting firms. He combines his commercial and accounting background with his expertise in adult development to bring a down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to how organizations can accelerate the development of their people. With clients ranging from global mining conglomerates to agile start-ups, he is adept at working with a range of audiences. The common denominator for success is the passionate commitment from the executive team to build long-term organizational capability.
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