Issue 150 - 02 | What If Everyone Brought Their Soul to Work?

By Scott Moorehead & Ryan McCarty
Published Feb. 22, 2017 11:00 a.m.
“We’ve been taught that making a profit is somehow evil—that businesses are unethical and greedy and that it’s only nonprofits that deliver any good in the world. It’s like someone has asked us to check our soul at the door anytime we show up for work. Giving back and making a positive difference in the world is just something you do on your own time after you’ve collected your paycheck.

But what if we told you that profit can be the fuel that empowers you to do some serious good in the world? What would happen if we intentionally tore down those walls that separate us from going to work and giving back—where everyone was given permission to do good while they did their work? Think about how that would even affect your customers; how do you think they’d react if they were given the chance to see the kind of positive impact the dollars they spend can have on the world?”

About Scott Moorehead & Ryan McCarty | Scott Moorehead has been a lifelong resident of Indiana. After falling for his future wife in high school, they set up on a lifelong journey of live music, travel, adventure and raising their two kids. When Scott graduated from Purdue University, he vowed to never be typical in any business venture or challenge.

Ryan McCarty has always had a passion for making the world a better place. Ryan’s wife and two daughters teamed up with the culture zealot to start a church, build a school in Africa and launch an after-school network that exists across states and even countries. Although Ryan would like to be an old school hip hop star, he spends his spare time listening to NPR and watching Antiques Roadshow while smoking a pipe.
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