Issue 149 - 02 | Intentional Action: How Leaders Succeed

By Courtney Lynch
Published Jan. 25, 2017 11:30 a.m.
“While we never know exactly how many days are ahead of us, it can be quite valuable as leaders to see the expanse of runway in our futures. Whether we have five years or 25 years to retirement, knowing that we have time to recommit, reinvent or redo a decision is comforting. We are only stuck in time if we choose to be. I encourage you to imagine what’s next, what’s left or what’s still in your heart to become, and then take intentional actions toward bringing that vision to life. Embracing the now includes understanding longevity and respecting that we are all still works in progress.”

About Courtney Lynch | Courtney Lynch has found success by living her life as a leader. Notable achievements include her nine years of service as a Marine Corps officer, managing a top-notch sales team for Rational Software, earning her law degree at William & Mary, practicing at one of the nation’s leading law firms, and creating Lead Star—a premier leadership development consulting firm that works globally with leading organizations. Courtney is the best-selling author of Leading from the Front and the new release Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success, co-authored with Angie Morgan and Sean Lynch.

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