Issue 148 - 03 | The Fifty Percent Solution: One Religion’s Global Impact on Entrepreneurial Women and How to Fix it

By Bettina Langerfeldt
Published Dec. 21, 2016 11:00 a.m.
“Although it has certainly become more common to see women launch their own companies, statistics clearly show that the creativity and entrepreneurial potential of women is a largely underexploited source of economic growth worldwide. This tendency for women to shrink from business and leadership opportunities is even more evident in Christian circles. In my opinion, this stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of scripture and what it teaches about women and how scripture says God sees them.

It’s well past time to set the record straight.”

About Bettina Langerfeldt | Bettina Langerfeldt is on a mission. She has been awakened to what is possible for women around the world and she wants to help them be what they were intended to be; to use all of their unique and significant talents every day to accomplish their dreams and to feel the joy that comes with all of that. For the past eight years she has been coaching and mentoring women entrepreneurs, and preparing to write her first book, The Sleeping Queen. It published this fall on Morgan James Books. Her goal is simple: help women around the world be successful in every way. Bettina lives in Santiago Chile with her husband, Robert.

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