Issue 148 - 01 | Change How You Change: 7 Insights for Faster Positive Habit Formation

By M.J. Ryan
Published Dec. 21, 2016 11:00 a.m.
“I’d been reading about a Tibetan Buddhist mind training technique called Lojong, or slogan practice, a set of fifty-nine one line aphorisms you recite as mental antidotes to undesired mental habits. Hmm, I thought, I wonder if his kind of practice could be useful for my clients. But I found the slogans so obscure that I didn’t think they could be applied, so I abandoned the idea.

Apparently the concept was still rolling around in my head when one day I was working with a bust executive who was trying to learn how to get great performance from his employees without micromanaging. I was yammering on and he looked at me and said. ‘I’m busy. I need it boiled down to something simple I can remember.’

Without thinking, I replied, ‘I’m going to give you a slogan. Every time you talk to an employee, say to yourself: Give what and why, not how. And so he did”

About M.J. Ryan | An internationally leading expert on change and human fulfillment, M. J. Ryan works as a senior executive coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the world. Her clients include Time Warner, Facebook, Cisco, Chevron, HP, Microsoft, Frito-Lay, Royal Dutch Shell, and more. She is a partner with Levo, a leading female career network, and is the lead coach at SheEO, a community of 10,000 female entrepreneurs. The former executive editor and founder of Conari Press, she is the creator of the New York Times bestselling Random Acts of Kindness series and the author of many books, including This Year I Will…

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