Issue 143 - 06 | How to Start When You’re Stuck

By Jason W. Womack & Jodi Womack
Published July 13, 2016 10:00 a.m.
“Maybe it’s a career change, a health and fitness transformation or a personal project or side business you want to start, but for some reason—whatever it is—you haven’t started yet.

‘Not enough time.’
‘Not enough resources.’
‘Not enough support.’

Statements like these not only limit your potential but hinder your productivity. In order to find the time, the resources and the support you need, you first need to GET MOMENTUM. You need more than a little motivation, but a true forward movement. Momentum means you’re moving, and things are happening. It means you’re making progress, and it feels good! Momentum is as personal in nature as it is different for everyone and for every project. What works for someone else may not work for you. The key is to practice thinking bigger and more creatively to put yourself in a position to move beyond the inertia that is holding you back from you dreams.”

About Jason W. Womack & Jodi Womack | Jason W. Womack is the CEO of The Womack Company, an international training firm and the author of Your Best Just Got Better. Since 2000, he has coached leaders across industries and trained them in the art of increasing their workplace productivity and achieving personal happiness. Jodi Womack is the CEO of the Get Momentum Leadership Academy and the founder of No More Nylons, a coaching program providing women business leaders with professional networking expertise.

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