Issue 143 - 01 | A New Territory of Maturity: Updating Our Stories To Enhance Our Lives

By Rosamund Stone Zander
Published July 13, 2016 10:00 a.m.
“In those endless years it took you to grow out of childhood and stand on your own two feet, you learned about the world in doses. Some of what you learned (and thought you understood) has evolved over time with added experience, but some of the discoveries you made and the stories you constructed around them as a child, even as young as three, have stayed the same, child-like and unchanged, no matter how many years have passed.


That’s living life in the past, seeing the world around you through a child’s eyes in a child’s story. You’ve been walking around in kid’s sneakers and they’re much too small for you. Here’s how to fit yourself out with good pair of hiking boots to go the distance.”

About Rosamund Stone Zander | Rosamund Stone Zander is the author of The Art of Possibility. Trained as a Family Systems therapist, she coaches organizations, teams, and groups, and designs programs that strengthen relationships, promote an ethical outlook, and spur effective action. Ms. Zander has conducted workshops in a wide variety of settings ranging from school systems, medical groups, and corporations, to the World Economic Forum. Ms. Zander is also an accomplished painter. She has been a lover of landscapes throughout her life, and has devoted herself to environmental causes.

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