Issue 141 - 06 | The Five Pivotal Moments of Every Sales Transformation

By Lou Schachter & Rick Cheatham
Published May 4, 2016 11:00 a.m.
“Whatever the cause, the moment will come, and you will find your company in a shift from selling a lot of your current offering – let’s call it X – and a little bit of something new called Y. Eventually, if your change strategy works, your company will sell a lot of Y and much less of the X legacy offering.

X and Y can be what you sell or how you sell. What you sell may be shifting to radically new products or to radically new services. How you sell may involve new types of customers, new types of buyers within existing customer organizations, or new, fundamentally different selling approaches.

Whatever your company’s X and Y might be, how you respond to the need to shift will determine your personal success, that of your customers, and to a great extent that of your company.

Five key moments determine whether your sales transformation will be successful.”

About Lou Schachter & Rick Cheatham | Lou Schachter is managing director of the global Sales Practice at BTS, where he is responsible for ensuring client success and the growth of the practice worldwide, leading the 30-person global practice team, and driving thought leadership. He is the co-author of The Mind of the Customer.

Rick Cheatham leads the Sales Practice at BTS for the United States. As a thought partner for organizations who want to transform their sales teams, Rick has worked with clients such as Google, Salesforce, and IBM to accelerate the execution of their sales strategies and transform their sales forces from transactional to consultative.

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