Issue 138 - 04 | Make People Love Your Brand Instantly: The Powerful Attraction of Love-At-First-Sight Names

By Alexandra Watkins
Published Feb. 17, 2016 11:00 a.m.
“Most fear that if their name is unconventional, they won’t be taken seriously. Listen scaredy cats, you need to let go of that old school way of thinking. Why should you believe me? I run a B2B firm with a playful name, Eat My Words. For more than a decade, our name has been a magnet for attracting clients, employees, and reporters.

A clever business name is your welcome mat. It suggests, ‘We’re lots of fun and you’re going to love working with us!’”

About Alexandra Watkins | Alexandra Watkins is the self-proclaimed goddess of love-at-first-sight brand names. As Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the San Francisco naming firm Eat My Words, she is a popular guest lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and the University of San Francisco School of Management. Her clients include Google, Disney, Frito-Lay, TaylorMade Golf and MIT. Brand names she can personally take credit for include Spoon Me, Neato, Gringo Lingo, Church of Cupcakes, Smitten, and a nationally recognized bacon cheeseburger, which ironically must remain nameless.

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