Issue 135 - 06 | The New Consumer Manifesto: Why Old is New, and Young is Old News

By Lori K. Bitter
Published Nov. 11, 2015 10:00 a.m.
“The majority of today’s grandparents are from the baby boomer generation; they appear more youthful, vital and active than grandparents of previous generations. Grandparents are spending thousands on rock concerts, hundreds on hip jeans, stocking up on the best anti-aging formulas and scents, while amassing a shoe closet that Carrie Bradshaw would envy. p> Still, if you do an image search on grandparents in Google, look at what pops up! You will see photos of people 75+ in sedentary environments. Or cartoon caricatures of couples with gray buns, sagging bellies and boobs, and canes. This is far from the reality of the baby boom generation grandparents. In reality only 20% of grandparents are 75 and older. Stereotypes like this keep advertisers and their agencies from realizing the potential of the grandparent market as a viable target consumer.”

About Lori K. Bitter | Lori Bitter provides strategic consulting, research, and development for companies seeking to engage with mature consumers at The Business of Aging, and serves as publisher of GRAND—the digital magazine for grandparents. A leader in research on topics relevant to the senior and Boomer population, she has contributed to five books on aging consumers and a been featured in AARP magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, on CNBC and the American Marketing Association’s blog. She was named to Entrepreneur magazine’s 100 to Watch List. A sought-after speaker, Lori has presented research, trends, and analysis about mature consumers to more than 200 conferences worlwide.
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