Issue 134 - 06 | Give Not Until It Hurts, But Until It Feels Great

By Jenny Santi
Published Oct. 14, 2015 10:00 a.m.
“Through my work as a philanthropy advisor, I also had a chance to meet and speak privately with so many men and women from the social sector—social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, young students and volunteers from different walks of life. Not everyone had a lot of money to give away. Many were giving their time, their talents, and a big part of their lives to something that mattered deeply to them, and again I was struck by what I observed. Every time they spoke about their work, regardless of how grim the issues they were addressing—whether it was cancer, global warming, or domestic abuse—and even when what they do for a living barely lets them make a living, they beamed with purpose and radiated with something that I can only call joy.”

About Jenny Santi | Jenny Santi was born and raised in Manila in the Philippines, and now splits her time between Singapore and New York. She holds an MBA from INSEAD and Wharton Business School and attended New York University’s Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, where she is a chartered advisor in philanthropy. Santi is a philanthropy adviser to some of the world’s wealthiest philanthropists, and for five years, was the head of Philanthropy Services (Southeast Asia) for the world’s largest wealth manager. She is a frequent commentator on the topic of philanthropy and has been quoted in the International Herald Tribune, on Channel NewsAsia, and on BBC World News.

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