Issue 134 - 01 | Why Social Media Doesn’t Create Social Intelligence
By Jeremie Kubicek Published Oct. 14, 2015 10:00 a.m.

“They say that if we have more followers in our online, social media world, then we will be deemed more important. They say that the more people you know via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the others, then the more influence you and I will have. They say that if we would connect more then we will be more connected.

I say they are wrong.

Who 'they' are is one issue. What 'they' say is another.

Here is the most important fact: Social media doesn’t create social intelligence. In fact, the more socially connected we are virtually online, the greater the risk of creating social dysfunction in our actual lives.”


About Jeremie Kubicek | Jeremie Kubicek is a founding partner of the GiANT companies and is co-author of the 5 Gears: How to be Present and Productive When There is Never Enough Time, as well as Making Your Leadership Come Alive, a Wall Street Journal best-seller. Jeremie is passionate about helping liberate leaders and train them on how to fight for the highest possible good in the lives of those they lead. His business, GiANT Worldwide, is focused on helping organizations multiply healthy culture through an apprenticeship process. More inforation about his book can be found at and his blog can be found at

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