Issue 132 - 05 | Do Something YOU Love: Design Your Ideal Life

By Becky Lynn Smith
Published Aug. 5, 2015 11:00 a.m.
“70% of people in the workplace in the United States are either not engaged, or are actively disengaged. This results in $450-$550 billion dollars annually in lost profitability, growth, productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention. […]

In spite of the millions of dollars now being spent by companies on improving engagement, and the hoards of consultants who have ‘the answer,’ whether that is better employee selection or better managers, the reality is that none of those are really making a dent in the problem.

There has to be a better way. I believe there is a better way.”

About Becky Lynn Smith | Author and Speaker Becky Lynn Smith found her calling, and now she is on a mission to help you find yours. After working as an IT executive and leader for several world-class organizations including Exxon, Amoco, AIM, and Gulf States Toyota, she discovered what success really meant for her. In her new book, Designing Your Ideal Life, Becky shares what she has learned about how to arrive at the place you were always meant to be and have the life you were meant to live. Becky speaks to groups and offers additional tools and resources to help.

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