Issue 132 - 03 | We Are All a Bit Delusional

By Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan
Published Aug. 5, 2015 11:00 a.m.
“Unfortunately, most of us can’t be above average—the math just doesn’t work. Now clearly, some people are aware that we’re below average in some areas of our lives, some may even believe that we’re below average on the whole, but overwhelmingly, human beings are a little delusional when it comes to their conception of their own competence.


This translates to the expectations we place on other people too. In our experience, every CEO or leader we work with extols the virtues of their team. ‘We’ve got the best team in the industry,’ they’ll often say. Of course, this is pretty unlikely. What they might have is the best team they could afford given the time and budget they’ve invested in finding them and developing them.

So our delusion is wide spread and for most of us, invisible and unconscious.

So what drives this delusion? What does it cost us? And how can we avoid it?”

About Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan | Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan are behavioral researchers and strategists, specializing in behaviors and belief systems–what drives, motivates and influences us. They have won business awards around the world for Innovation, Creativity and ROI working with such organizations as Coca-Cola, Unilever, News Corp and the United Nations in Singapore. They are passionate advocates for the commercial power of creativity and a return to more human engagement, cultures and leadership.

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