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Issue 13 | Why Craigslist Works, by Craig

By Craig Newmark
Published Feb. 8, 2005 4:00 p.m.
A ChangeThis exclusive: The craigslist founder reveals the values that made craigslist a success.

craigslist started as a small email list for a group of friends in Northern California. Ten years later, it's a global phenomenon. In a ChangeThis exclusive, Craig Newmark talks about the values that got his business from there to here.

About Craig Newmark | Craig is a hardcore Java and Web programmer who grew up wearing a plastic pocket protector and thick, black glasses, taped together, the full nerd cliché. He started craigslist in early ʼ95 as a means of connecting people better by letting them know about cool or useful events happening around San Francisco. It rapidly grew and built a large community of people who wonder if there really is someone named Craig involved with this. He ainʼt no big deal.

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